Capstone: Annotated Bibliography

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My topic: Digital nudge.

The first step in your project is to understand the domain expertise of the capstone. This will allow you to become an “expert within the domain area” so you can provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for your client. In order to develop the expertise needed, you are asked to do research about the domain. This means finding peer reviewed articles specific to the domain and the challenge that are found within the domain. These articles should also have relevance to the business question of the sponsor or the business questions that will help you define a solution.

Write a two-paragraph summary of three articles (that is two paragraphs per article). The summaries should include:

An APA citation of the article

A short summary of the main points of the article

The findings of the research

A statement of how the article is related to the business question.

I get one article already:…

you can help me to find the rest two article.