Capital One Announces Data Security Incident

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Note the current industry, name of the organization, and note how it’s currently functioning today. (100 words)

Select & Explain a key area of predictive analytics to implement in the organization. (100 words)

You must indicate:

Why the predictive analytic component is going to be implemented by noting the problem that you are trying to solve, noting how your team will solve the problem with the selected method (this must be a thorough in-depth analysis) (Must be 500 words)

Note any Big Data Challenges or other technology or cultural challenges you may face and how you will mitigate these challenges. (300 words)

Conclusion (100 words)

Your research paper should be at least 1000 words, double-spaced, have at least 5 APA references

Strictly APA Format

Minimum of 5 Peer Reviewed References (No typical websites/should not end with .com)

in-text citations mandatory

References in the Reference page must be in Alphabetical order

No plagiarism/Spinbot/Synonymic words please