“Cafe Muller” by Pina Bausch (a video on youtube)

A critical analysis paper is not a review of the performance – what you liked or didn’t like – but is rather an analysis of the performance as a whole to interpret meaning. You are digging deep – what did the dance mean? What was the dance trying to communicate with the audience? You can interpret meaning by looking to the movement of the dancers (what are they doing? how are they doing it?), the environment or mood of the stage (lighting design, props/set design, costumes, make-up, etc.), the music (how does it make you feel?), and recognizing your own feelings, memories, sensations, or thoughts that come to you while you watch the dance. These are all important elements that you will then synthesize to understand the overall meaning or story of the dance. Those elements become your evidence for supporting your claim. Don’t forget to include important information like who the choreographer/company is, the title of the dance, and the names of any dancers, musicians, technicians, etc. that you think need to be mentioned specifically.