Businesses process and information systems on organization capacity

This is a paper that focuses on the impact that businesses process and information systems on organization capacity. The paper also provides assignment details to use in the paper.

Businesses process and information systems on organization capacity

Assignment overview:
As an information specialist you will need to develop the skills to evaluate the impact that business processes, competing technologies and information systems have on organisational capacity. The assignment gives you the opportunity to evaluate and make a recommendation to a small business that is in a phase of rapid growth and will need the technological infrastructure to support them into the future.

Assignment details;
This is a two-part assignment:
·         Part A will concentrate on the analysis of the business and also the type of data the business uses on a daily basis.
·         Part B will focus on developing a mock-up of a non-functioning website information portal.
A supporting document has been created to assist in clarifying the requirements for this assignment. Save or print a copy of Assignment 2 assistance (PDF 223 KB)

Part A: Business analysis

Upon selecting one of the scenarios, you are required to complete the following:
Industry background
Firstly, review the industry involved in the chosen data set and provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of that industry sector, including history, current environment, transformations and future scope.
Business model and environment
Secondly, identify the business model best suited to the scenarios and their target audience and value proposition. Using a SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces, conduct an analysis of the chosen business.
Excel tasks
Thirdly, complete the unfinished spreadsheets with appropriate field labels. Where necessary, provide additional columns (and appropriate formulas) to meet the information needs of the business. Then use the spreadsheet data to identify three trends or insights that a manager can identify to gain a competitive advantage.

Part B: Developing a mock-up of a non-functioning business website
The second part of the assignment will be mainly focused on developing a non-functioning business website mock-up. As a designer, you may consult with your tutor to ensure you accurately reflect the requirements of your proposed design. You must also consider basic design principles to justify your design and user interface. As well as the web and design elements, a vital part of this assignment is the perceived business advantage; you must be able to prove that the business will benefit from your design. Tasks for this part of the assignment include the following:
Design three main prototype pages
The prototype pages will be for your proposed website.