Business Strategic Planning Activities for a company

This is an paper that discusses the business strategic planning activities for a company. This will be through investigating various aspects of the topic.

Business Strategic Planning Activities for a company

1.      Firstly, discuss the internal and external factors involved in rational business decision making towards establishment or expansion of all business units
2.      Secondly, analyze finance, marketing, HR and Management strategies effective for business execution in competitive market
3.      Thirdly, distinguish the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, faced by organizations towards formulating strategic decisions

4.     Lastly, appraise the practical solutions for contemporary business challenges using Strategic Management Models for companies operating in global settings

You are expected to cover the topics listed below.
Firstly, you are required to have an Introduction of the industry: industry profile
–      Introduce your selected company in the industry:
–        Introduce your company, its products/services, ownership (public versus private), type of business (manufacturing vs. service), and the company size (number of employees)
–        Company mission/vision/values

Secondly, you are to provide general and specific environment analysis: assess your company general and specific environment, using PESTLE and 5 competitive forces analysis
Then, provide external and internal assessment of your company: Identify and discuss external and internal strategic tools, such EFE, CPM, IFE, to learn more about your company internal and external environment

Thirdly, analyze Porter’s generic strategy of your company
Develop the Business Canvas for your company
Strategy execution/implementation – difficulties and challenges: explain the difficulties and challenges your company is usually facing in the process of strategy implementation. Some of the common problems faced in the strategy implementation process may include poor motivation of employees, lack of resources – human, financial, technical resources – lack of team orientation, weak top management, poor commitment of senior managers
Use SPACE matrix to analyze the current Position of your company in the Industry
Conclusion and recommendation
Lastly, indicate the References