Business communication and tech report.

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This assignment is about using the appropriate words and setting the right tone when you communicate in a business context.

In writing there there are many “right” answers, so we can then discuss new insights, other suggested solutions, etc. in a future discussion forum, if you choose.


Using the revision techniques outlined in Chapters 3 and 4, improve the simplicity, conciseness, positive phrasing, courteousness, “you” attitude, and power of the following sentences to improve their readability.

“You” attitude

1. We require you stay safe by physical distancing, wearing a mask and santizing your hands when entering our store.

2. We are pleased to offer free gift wrapping and delivery to all customers.


3. We don’t accept appointments booked with less than 24 hours of notice.

4. You failed to complete the payment on your order and won’t receive your delivery.


5. I don’t think you provided your customer number and I can’t set up your account until you do.

6. If you are going to come to our store, at least arrive before we close or else we won’t serve you.

Freedom from bias

7. A carpenter must know how to hold his tools, be able to measure correctly, and he must also be good with customers.

8. You need to be really careful of people who look like this when they are shopping at our store, you can never be too careful, they look suspicious and might steal something.

Selecting Words

9. We think we might possibly, at sometime in the future, consider maybe hiring someone who can manage our customer service.

10. Even though he could sometimes be annoying, loud and inauthentic, Tom was a good addition to the team.

Active voice

11. Shelly was made manager when Franklin Foer resigned.

12. The defendant was represented by Daveed Jones.


• Send your document as a Word document and include the course number and your name in the file name. (e.g. “Haye 1103 Assignment 2.doc” rather than just “Module 1.doc”.)

• Make sure your document looks professional: use 12 font and centre your document appropriately on the page (margins should be 1″).

Proofread your revision carefully to catch errors – reading aloud or word by word can help.