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Assignment: Getting Started With Grant Writing

In this week’s Discussion, you analyzed various grant opportunities available to early childhood programs and selected two that might be appropriate for your program.

For this week’s Assignment, you will select a grant opportunity and begin to develop a grant proposal for your imaginary early childhood program or a program in which you currently work.

Note: Developing the full grant proposal is beyond the scope of this course. You will begin to develop a proposal so you engage in the experience of preparing a draft proposal. For the purpose of this assignment, you may need to use fictional information. You will not be required to submit your grant proposal to the organization responsible for funding the grant. It will be submitted in this course for a grade.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Choose one grant for which you would like to apply. Identify the requirements for the proposal.

Review the grant template located on page 107 in the Hearron and Hildebrand text.

Gather the relevant information required for the draft proposal.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page grant proposal, using the sample grant proposal template provided in the Hearron and Hildebrand text excerpt as a guide.

Note: Your entire proposal should be 2–3 pages. Although the template in Figure 6.5 suggests a longer length, you are only required to include 1–2 paragraphs for each section.