Breul Article Reflection Discussion high priority goals

This essay entails a paper on Breul Article Reflection Discussion and a way of setting the high priority goals. Breul Article Reflection Discussion helps in understanding the procedure of setting aims of a project and analyze them for the success of a company.

Breul Article Reflection Discussion high priority goals

The first part if the initial discussion I am required to write then after that you have to respond to a student discussion post that I will copy below. Please cite all work. As part of this Discussion, you need to identify one “golden line” from the article.

As noted earlier, a golden line is a sentence or quote in the reading that caught your attention. Specifically, identify your golden line and briefly describe why it caught your interest. Post your golden line and the accompanying explanation using the using the Lesson 5 Breul Article Reflection Discussion Forum. Your post needs to be 75–100 words in length. You also need to comment on at least one of your fellow students’ postings.

The Each comment should be 50–75 words in length. Also, please response to the student post below: Douglas Post: Golden Line: “The legislation would require all departments and agencies not only to set high-priority goals but also develop a plan to accomplish each priority goal. I chose this line because it generally conforms with the tenets of SMART. As highlighted by Poister et al. in chapter 4, by intimating that the policy should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

As such, considering this line within the context of SMART objectives. It is apparent that specifying high-priority real-world goals, developing a plan to achieve these goals within a specified time frame, and regularly monitoring progress, is the right initial path to take.

However, while the idea behind the bill seems reasonable, in order for it to be effective, particularly considering SMART guidelines, it is still critical that policy makers and managers emphasize clarity.