Brandman University Cigarette Tar Content Analysis Worksheet

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Confidence Intervals – Filtered cigarettes are allegedly healthier than nonfiltered cigarettes. One reason for this is because they contain less tar.

Download the data set “Cigarette Contents” in your preferred technology format (StatCrunch, Statdisk, Excel). Column 1 denotes the amount of tar per cigarette (milligrams) in king-sized cigarettes that are nonfiltered. Column 4 denotes the amount of tar per cigarette (milligrams) in menthol cigarettes that are filtered.

Using technology (StatCrunch, Statdisk, or Excel) compute a 95% confidence interval for the mean amount of tar in each cigarette group and paste the screen printouts obtained from the technology. Describe in words what each confidence intervals represents.

Compare the confidence intervals obtained for the filtered and nonfiltered cigarettes. Based on your confidence intervals, do you see evidence that the filtered cigarettes are healthier? Explain.

Cigarette Contents_Excel(1).xlsx