Book reviews of three separate books; To have an have not, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Zooey and Franny

Description The three assigned readings for this assignment, To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway, Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, and Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger, are each situated about a decade apart, spanning around forty years of the early to middle 20th century. While there are important female characters in each literary work, they don’t always play the main characters, but they are nevertheless quite important to what goes on within each literary work. Without a doubt, each of these authors has money and the status which goes along with it in each literary work, as a character’s financial status does play a role in what ends up happening to each female character. In Hemingway’s work, for instance, it’s not just.

Marie Morgan whose life is affected by having or not having money. There are other female characters, Helene Bradley and Helen Gordon as well as other female figures like Albert’s wife and women on the yachts whose lives are partially portrayed. In Capote’s novella, of course, there’s the central character, Holly Golightly, but she isn’t the only female character in his novella. Salinger’s literary work features Franny Glass but also her mother, Bessy Glass. How the female characters are portrayed in these three literary works will be what the focus of your analysis will be, but your analysis should not just be restricted to how gender is portrayed, as sexual preference might also play part of the drama. Based on these three literary works, for this assignment, write an essay which whether or to what extent the three authors situate the female characters in their literary works in sexist ways that leave them dependent on males for their imagined lives. Since these authors were living and writing during times when male heterosexist dominance was the norm, your reading and analysis should indicate whether you find how they situate their female characters ahead of their times and progressive. Clearly, even today, whether or not women have independent lives remains a point of contention. Even worse is how gay folk are still judged and treated today. So literary works can have an impact on shaping the values readers will hold. As you analyze these literary works for aspects of gender relations and sexual preference, keep in mind how Americans’ perspectives have changed. Paper Formatting Guidelines: Your paper should have one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right, left), double-spaced (no extra spacing between paragraphs); use the Times New Roman font plus 12-point print size throughout, including the header/footer. Your header should be half an inch (.5). Paginate each page, except the first, at the top right, and double-check that the font and print size of your page numbers are the same as the rest of your paper. Handwrite your name, my name, English 3336.02, and the date on the back of the last page. Your original title should be centered as the first line at the top of the first page (don’t bold print, italicize, place it under quotation marks, or underline it—no cover page required). Required Length and Citation/Documentation Requirements: (If you fail to follow the length and citation/documentation requirements, your paper will not be accepted.) Your paper should be at least 2000 words long, excluding the title and bibliography. Your paper should also be at least five full pages but can certainly be longer, excluding the bibliography. Finally, if you use secondary sources, include a Works Cited page(s) using MLA.