Book Analysis of Face to Face by Susan RoAne

Introduction- Begin with a question or claim. Discuss the relevance of the main ideas in the book and which demographic or industry would benefit from the information. Discuss the author in 3-4 sentences NO MORE. Do not simply use book titles as author information, instead discuss the author’s credibility. Discuss the author’s intent- What do you think the author was trying to achieve or convey? Use an outside source to discuss HISTORICAL CONTEXT – research one aspect of the content for referencing the past– what has changed about the industry/subject matter or ideas? ___________________________________________________________________________________ Body content- Develop your paragraphs by exploring at least three key concepts from the book. Show insight by analyzing the concepts yourself and discussing why you believe those concepts you chose are important and how they might be used across professions. “QUOTE from the text” (Lewis 35). Using MLA format Paraphrase from the text (Lewis 35). _________________________________________________________________________________ Your conclusion MUST include another source where you show how the ideas in the book are supported in other texts or how the concepts should be used moving forward. Your DO NOT repeat the language word for word from your intro. SHOW that you have learned something from reading the book. Discuss HOW YOU will use this information in some aspect of your professional, academic, or personal life.