Blinn College Louisiana Purchase and The Constitutional Crisis Discussion Questions

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1. Explain the short comings of the Articles of Confederation and how those short comings led to drafting a new constitution during the Constitutional Convention. What was the “Great Compromise?” What was the 3/5th Compromise? Why was the Bill of Rights a required addition? How were the Federalist Papers used to gain acceptance of the Constitution?

2. Describe the Louisiana Purchase, the constitutional crises for President Jefferson, and the impact on western migration.

3. Discuss the Land Ordinances (there were more than 1). What were they? How did they shape American expansionism? What were their benefit to the central government (Confederation Government)? What were the rules?

4. Explain the three parts of Henry Clay’s financial plan (the American System) along with the purpose for each of those parts. How many were implemented? How were they received (think regionally)?