Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Active wear case analysis

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to identify Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Active wear case analysis. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well and precisely.

Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Active wear case analysis

The written case analysis will be evaluated based on how well you identify and analyze problems in the case (including how thoroughly and appropriately course concepts are used in the analysis), the adequacy of and support for the recommendations made, and the identification of potential downsides to your solutions—see grading rubric attached. Your arguments should be precise, logical, and supported by one or more course concepts and frameworks. Aim for depth and insight. The idea is not to touch on as many concepts as possible, but rather to articulate a focused, coherent, consistent argument around key issues. Also consider possible risks to your solutions, and how you might mitigate them. In addition, written case analyses will be judged based on the clarity and technical quality of the writing.

Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Active wear case analysis

The analysis should not exceed 8 pages of double-spaced text in 12-point font (8page max) with one-inch margins all around. Appendices containing relevant charts, figures, references, or other material may be in addition to the 8pages, if needed. Do not include your name anywhere in the document. General guidelines for analyzing cases are provided in Appendix B attached. These general guidelines are design to help you structure your analysis, but they are not exhaustive.

Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Active wear: Bringing the Executive Team Together

You must explicitly answer these questions in your Individual Case Analysis.

1. Problem identification: What are both the (a) strengths and (b) “surface level “problems of the executive team?

2. Analyze the problem: What are the underlying causes of these surface level problems? What specific team process and team leadership issues are contributing causes to the surface level problems? What other factors, if any, have played a role?

3. Action plan: If you were Barker, what actions would you take to resolve these team problems and also their underlying issues? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your suggestions, how should you prioritize them, and why? See Appendix B for additional helpful general guidelines regarding the case analysis.