Biopsychosocial theories and psychotherapeutic approaches assessment

This is a paper that is focusing on the biopsychosocial theories and psychotherapeutic approaches assessment. The paper also provides the requirements to focus in writing the assignment paper.

Biopsychosocial theories and psychotherapeutic approaches assessment

Assignment task

Of three scenarios, select two and develop a report on collaborative care for the individual. The aim of the assignment is to test your knowledge as outlined in learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4; take particular note of the emboldened sections of learning outcomes.
learning outcomes

1. Firstly, utilise and apply knowledge of biopsychosocial theories, psychotherapeutic approaches and pharmacology to critically understand the nursing assessment and management of presenting mental health conditions.
2. Secondly, demonstrate critical understanding of a range of nursing skills used in the delivery of safe and effective care for people with mental health problems
3. Thirdly, analyse the interrelationship between physical health and mental health for providing appropriate care utilising the best available evidence
4. Fourthly, critically reflect on the use of effective communication skills with inter professional team member, people with mental health conditions, their families and significant others


Select two scenarios to develop a report on collaborative care (see below), which includes consideration of the patient’s views and also the inter-professional team. The care package should include consideration of the physical, mental and sociological needs of the individual. It further needs to focus on providing psycho-therapeutic approaches (skills).

The structure of each developed collaborative care package needs the following:

Ø  Introduction (Approximately, 175 words*) This will acknowledge which scenario you are addressing. Your main areas concern, please not just lift from the assignment brief, think about the person and their future. How will you find out more about these needs and their strength; additionally,  do remember the inter-professional and collaborative aspects of this scenario.

Ø  Main body (Approximately, 900 words*) In this you should consider how the physical, mental and also social aspects of the individual are addressed, consideration of communication processes and of nursing skills especially around the use of psychotherapeutic approaches are concerned. Justify too why you have selected a specific psychotherapeutic approaches.

Ø  Conclusion and recommendations (Approximately, 175 words*) This should consider the future, what next for the individual. There should also be an evaluation of what you think you would have achieved with the person over a period of time.