Biology questions

I’m working on a Biology exercise and need support.

A limited time exercise with some Mcqs about: (The following are just details, not questions,Multiple choice questions are related to these details)

Mineral resources

Mining methods

Reclamation and mining policy

Sustainable use of minerals

Impacts of mining

Chemical pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use is minimized.

Hydroponic stations supplied by rainwater produce herbs, lettuce, and shiitake mushrooms.

Off-campus food sources are kept local whenever possible.

This serves as a model for campuses nationwide

Food production currently exceeds population growth, but not everyone has enough to eat

By 2050 we will have to feed 9+ billion people

Food security

Guarantee of an adequate, safe, nutritious, and reliable food supply


Receiving fewer calories than one’s minimum dietary energy requirements

Around 800 million people suffer from undernutrition

Every 5 seconds a child starves to death

Poverty, politics, conflicts and war, and inefficiencies in distribution are the largest factors contributing to global undernutrition