In this course, you are required to complete a term paper: a minimum 5 page (not including the title page or references) APA style paper describing either the history of a person or an idea. Your mark will be based on overall grammatical and mechanical quality of writing, the content of your research, the quality of your research, quality of argument and thesis, and conformity to APA style. If you chose to do a history of a person, you will be writing a short biography of a notable person in the history of psychology. Generally, this should be an individual who is deceased. You are to produce a paper with at least five references, one of which either is a biography or autobiography. NO WEBPAGES AS SOURCES—you must cite published journal articles or books. You should prepare a critical discussion of his or her life and work, focusing on something interesting in their life story. As this is a course in the history of psychology, the paper should also address the historical context of their work. If you chose to do a history of an idea, you will examine the past, the present, and the future of an idea central to the history of psychology. Every idea in psychology has a history, and the purpose of this paper is for you to trace the historical development of the concept of your choice. NO WEBPAGES AS SOURCES—you must cite at least five published journal articles or books. When did the notion arise? What controversies have been central to the idea? How has the term been used over history, and how has it changed, and what will happen in the future? This paper is due Dec. 2nd at the start of class. All papers will be submitted to plagiarism detection software