BE 3346 Medical Imaging

I’m studying for my Engineering class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1/ I have a short quiz of 7 questions timed in 20 minutes all multiple choices and it’s open notices. I need someone to take it for me and make sure to get 100/100 so I can score an A on the course. I’ll attach the notes.

2/ Please provide mathematical definition or expressions or derivations of the following terms:

(a) Delta function: (x); (x-x0);

(b) Integration of the Delta function;

(c) Definition of Fourier transform (FT) in 1-dimention (1D), using regular frequency, f, not angular frequency, . Then, define 1D FT using angular frequency, .

(d) What is its Fourier transform for the following equations:

g(x) = (x); (ii) g(x)= (x-x0); (iii) g(x) = 5; (iv) g(x)=cos(2k0x).

Calculate the Fourier transform of the following functions without using MATLAB:

(a) f1(x)=sin(2x); (b) f2(x) = sin(4x); (c) f3(x) = cos(8x).

Calculate the integration of and for the following three functions:

(a) f1(x)=sin(2x); (b) f2(x) = sin(4x); (c) f3(x) = cos(8x); (d) f4(x)= 3x2.