BA 635 Fairleigh Dickinson University Intrusion Prevention Systems Discussion

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Disaster Recovery

Real World Exercise 1

Using a Web browser, search on the term intrusion prevention systems.

What are the characteristics of an IPS? Provide the URLs you obtain the info. Compare the costs of a typical IPS to an IDPS. Do they differ? What characteristics justify the difference in cost, if any

1.5 to 2 pages APA, Include references

Real World Exercise 2

Using a Web browser, search for “incident response training.” Look through the first five results and identify one or two companies that offer such training. Pick one company and look at the course offerings. Locate a course that can train you to create a CSIRT. How many days will that course take?

1.5 to 2 pages APA, Include references

Please include references after each real world exercise.