AutoDesk Civil 3D , surveyor drafting technology

I’m trying to learn for my Engineering class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Importing Points; Manipulation of Points; Creating Lines – worth a total of 50 points

Learning and understand the use of Points and lines within Civil 3D.


Download the following .TIF file: MS 00848-4.TIF

Open a file ASSIGNMENT2 drawing.

Create 2 points from coordinates from TIFF file.

Set Two Points; One at Station 153+30.75EC “SD” And Station 162+04.69 POT “SD”

(see MS 00848-4.PDF)

Insert TIFF file MS-00848-4 into drawing

Align TIFF file with the 2 points created

(use display order command to send TIFF file to the back)

Point Descriptions should be as follows:

Found Monument = FD 5” CONC MON; FD 0.75 IP; FD LD; FD CTRL MON

Set Monuments = SET LD; SET 2” IP; SET 1.0 IP; SET CTRL MON

Start by setting the points that are shown within the monument table.

Then continue with creating all the points within drawing.

Save Drawing and submit