Assume that you’ve been working for five years (so, you’re still a lower

Assume that you’ve been working for five years (so, you’re still a lower- or mid-level employee—NOT the president or CEO!) You work for a firm, company, or organization that prizes community service.

Assume that you’ve been working for five years (so, you’re still a lower

Purpose: To demonstrate your ability to:
1.     Apply the three-step process to preparing and presenting a presentation
2.     Conduct research to provide credible information
3.     Organize your thoughts in a logical and appropriately formatted outline
4.     Attribute sources using proper APA citations – THREE sources (no more than five years old) required
5.     Create slides to illustrate and reinforce the presentation’s concepts (but are not the presentation!),
6.     Deliver a presentation conversationally (without reading off notes or slides) that conveys clear ideas and provides the audience with ethical information.

This assignment links to course objectives 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, & 10.

Type of Assignment and Weight: These assignments (the presentation [including visuals—slides +] and the outline with APA references) receive separate grades. Each assignment is worth 100 points: The presentation carries a weight of 10%, and the outline with APA references carries a weight of 10%.

Your Role: Assume that you’ve been working for five years (so, you’re still a lower- or mid-level employee—NOT the president or CEO!)

You work for a firm, company, or organization that prizes community service. As part of your annual performance review, you are evaluated on the community service you provide. In response, you have become an active leader (either president, vice president or board member) of a professional association related to your field (e.g., the Florida Institute of CPAs [FICPA], South Florida Association for Financial Professionals [SFAFP], American Marketing Association [AMA], National Human Resources Association [NHRA], South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association [SFHHA], South Florida Technology Alliance [SFTA]), or the like). If your career area is not listed here, look up the most appropriate real professional organization for your field—not hypothetical, it must be real—whether it’s a local or a national organization.

You have been asked to present career opportunities in your field at the Careers in Business Showcase sponsored by Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. In a group of two (minimum) or three (maximum), you will present two (for groups of two) or three (for groups of three) careers. Each career must require a college degree (Associate’s or higher) in the field of business. The audience consists of junior and senior level business majors. This formal event includes presentations from various professional associations and networking sessions with local business professionals.

Assignment: Develop a 5-to-8-minute presentation and outline covering the following information:

career opportunities for people earning a degree in your Marketing. Describe three careers, someone with a [you fill in the degree] could pursue. You will compare these careers using credible research in terms of the job description and five criteria, the same five criteria for each career, in the same order for each one. APA in-text citations and References must exist for both the presentation and the outline; the correct document format is needed for both using the correct skeleton for the outline and PowerPoint slides.

Part 1: The Informative Outline

You will use the direct approach since your audience is interested in what you have to say.
Given that the presentation is only 5- 8 minutes, you’ll need to follow this sequence using the template:
Firstly, briefly introduce yourself and establish your credibility,
Secondly, quickly gain the audience’s attention;
Thirdly, preview the key points you’ll cover;
Fourthly, provide support for each point (e.g., facts, statistics), making sure to cite your research both in-text and in References; and
Further, end by summarizing the key points and leaving the audience with a memorable impression of what you communicated.

Note on References: Each group member will have color-coded entries as References are individually graded.

The word References should exist centered at the top of the last page, and then 3+ entries representing 3+ sources should exist—for each group member. Though it is not standard APA format to do so, please indicate in the “comments” section of the assignment which group member—for the References page only—is using blue text, who is using green text, and (if there are three group members) who is using red text. Be sure the group’s entire list is alphabetized correctly.


FAU Library:
FAU Library Lib Guide:

Of particular interest in the Lib Guide are two tabs: Business Databases and Best Census & Statistical Sites. Here is where the most pertinent sites can be found. In Business Databases, go to the lower right corner to Career Information Resources, and the two best sites for research for this assignment are listed and hyperlinked:
(a) Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, and
(b) National Center for O*Net Development.

Employ Florida-Job Market Trends-for job duties/description

Other sources:

Firstly, Research career fields and industries – and (only for STEM careers)

Secondly, Explore occupations –,,

Thirdly, Explore careers by major – and be sure to check out the professional association links!

Fourthly, Engage in company research –

Further, Research public and non-profit sectors –, and

Additionally, Review U.S. Labor Information from

Suggestion: go to FAU’s library to search for “career paths in [fill in your industry].”

Part 2: The Presentation

You and your group will have 5 – 8 minutes to present and 15 – 30 seconds to answer questions. Your presentation must include PowerPoint slides using the template. Your presentation should demonstrate your ability to:

Assume your role as a representative of your professional association.

Provide specific and credible information (details and attributed facts).

Appeal to the needs of the targeted audience

Prepare to answer questions at the end of your presentation. Also, Respond to questions credibly.

Speak fluently (minimal filler words); project your voice; use vocal inflection that demonstrates interest, emphasizes key points, and differentiates one idea from another.

Use gestures & bodily actions that naturally reinforce and illustrate your points and project confidence.

Establish direct eye contact with the audience.

Dress professionally in keeping with the purpose, occasion, and audience.