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For this assignment, you will write letters to three of the artists from this week’s readings. Your letter to each artist should include the following:

  • Tell the artist what you learned from their work.
  • Ask them questions about their work. For example, you could ask about the deeper meaning of specific elements of the work, or ask them to explain aspects of their work that you did not understand, such as style, tone, voice, metaphors, or plot choices.
  • Tell them how their work is relevant to current issues in society.

Your assignment should be written in paragraph form, with at least two paragraphs for each artist. Your assignment does not need to be formatted as a letter.

Each paragraph should quote the artist’s work at least once. As in all of your writing for this course, remember to be original in your writing. Do not simply retell information you learned from this week’s sources. For this assignment, you do not need to include a Works Cited page.

Submit a copy to this assignment dropbox, as well as a copy to the Turnitin dropbox below.