Part 1 Assignment

Respond to the following questions in your own words. Your responses should include specific examples and should incorporate concepts and terms from your textbook.

  1. What are the major data mining processes?
  2. Why do you think the early phases (understanding of the business and understanding of the data) take the longest in data mining projects?
  3. List and briefly define the phases in the CRISP-DM process.
  4. What are the main data preprocessing steps? Briefly describe each step and provide relevant examples.
  5. How does CRISP-DM differ from SEMMA?

Part 2 Discussion question 100 words

1.What are the four perspectives in BSC? What does the term balanced refer to in BSC?


  • How did Infinity P&C improve customer service with data mining?
  • What were the challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results?
  • What was their implementation strategy? Why is it important to produce results as early as possible in data mining studies?

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I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

Q1) Is the use of examples and emulation of great men, such as ‘Diogenes Laërtus “Life of Zeno of Citium” (source 4.4), an effective form of teaching. (You could also consider biographies of Alexander or Suetonius’s Twelve Caesars)

Q2) In ‘Aristotle “On the Elements of Tragedy”‘ (source 4.3) why, for Aristotle, is plot the most important element of a play?

Q3) In ‘Aeschylus, Prometheus Unbound’ (source 4.1) what specific and general ways does Prometheus claim to have benefited humanity?

Q4) According to ‘Book of Ezra: 1-3, 5-6’ (source 4.5) what motivates the renewal of the Jew’s contract with God after their return from exile?

Q5) In ‘Plato, The Symposium’ (source 4.2) is Socrates attracted to Alcibiades’s way of life? Is Alcibiades attracted to Socrates’s approach?

link to the book: