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Based on what you have read, watched, and listened to this week, respond to the following prompts:

1. Discuss three different literary terms from any of last week’s lists, showing how they relate to the works of literature and art from this week. Try to use terms you have not applied thus far.

2. Reflect on your favorite artists from weeks 1-4. What connections do you see between these works? What common themes do you notice? Why are these artists unique to you? Your response should include quotes from or references to at least two works of literature (one must be from this week) and two other works (one must be from this week).

As in all of your writing for this course, remember to be original in your writing. Do not simply retell information you learned from this week’s sources.

Your paper should be a minimum of 350 words and be written in proper paragraph form. Your assignment must be in MLA format and you must quote or paraphrase and properly cite each work at least once. For this assignment, you do not need to include a Works Cited page. Before submitting your paper, please review the Guidelines for Written Work on the Syllabus & Course Info page.

Submit a copy to this assignment dropbox, as well as a copy to the Turnitin dropbox below.