Assignment 5.1: Case 47: A New Look?

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Adapting to internal and external pressures is a difficult challenge for managers of health care organizations. You are completing this assignment to demonstrate your situational awareness of changing internal and external environmental demands while concurrently assessing the needs and reactions of key stakeholders.

Read Case 47: A New Look in your McAlearney and Kovner text, pp. 329-331.

Assume the role of organizational training and development consultant. On the table provided, describe in a few sentences the reactions that could be expected from various stakeholders to Dr. Cooke’s plan to change the focus of the practice. Consider the stakeholders listed and add two more potential stakeholders. For each stakeholder, include the stake (interest) each has in the change. Finally, choose the stakeholder that you believe is most influential and that Dr. Cooke should consider most seriously (not solely!), and explain why.

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Assignment 5.1: Case 47 Template