Assignment 4.2: Case 30: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Physician-Phelps Hospital Relationships

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The tension in hospital-physician relationships is a long-standing and widely acknowledged concern. A productive relationship between hospitals and physicians is essential to good patient care and improvement in organizational clinical goals and outcomes. You are completing this assignment to demonstrate your understanding of recommended strategies for improving hospital-physician relations and clinical goals and outcomes.

Read Case 30: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Physician-Phelps Hospital Relationships, McAlearney and Kovner text, page 221 – 228.

Assume the role of the Professor who has been invited by the hospital CEO to review the impact of Medicare and potential health reforms on hospital-physician collaboration. You have decided to interview the CEO, CMO, and several other key physician leaders. Bottom-line, the CEO needs to improve the existing relationship between the hospital and physicians.

In 400 words or less, prepare a response to the CEO in Table format that:(1)Provides your professional opinion on the current status of hospital – physician relations, (2)identifies three current issues that impact hospital – physician professional collaboration, and (3)recommends a strategy for each issue the CEO might consider to better align hospital-physician collaboration within the context of declining Medicare reimbursement and health reform initiatives.Provide supporting rationale with at least two outside scholarly sources for why you believe each strategy would work.

Overall professional opinion on current status of hospital – physician collaboration (200 words or more):

Issues ( two sentences)

Strategy ( two sentences)

Supporting Rationale ( two paragraphs)


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Assignment 4.2 Template