Assignment 4.1: Case 40: Managing Relationships: Take Care of Your Nurses

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Poor hospital environment and working conditions are recognized as important factors contributing to retention challenges with nurse professionals. Improvement in the work environment can have a positive impact on nurse retention and the quality of patient of care. You are completing this assignment to demonstrate your understanding of issues that impact nurse retention and recommend strategies for creating a healthy work environment.

Read Case 40: Managing Relationships: Take Care of Your Nurses in your McAlearney and Kovner text, pages 259-262.

Assume the role of Betsy Cline, Patient Care Director at Children’s Hospital. The Director of Nursing Cardiac, Critical Care, and Case Management has asked you to identify the most important things that can be done to create a healthy work environment for nurses who work on the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU).

In 400 words or less, identify three issues unfavorably impacting a healthy work environment on PCICU. For each issue, provide one recommended action with supporting rationale to create a healthy work environment. Use the template provided to develop your analysis.

Click the link below to download the assignment template.

Assignment 4.1: Case 40 Template