assignment 3

Weightlifting for youth or youth athletics has always been a sensitive subject.  Where do you stand?  Should youth be allowed to lift weights?  Why? When should they be able to start? Are there any negative consequences to weightlifting early in life?  Support your position with academic sources and use apa citation.


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Assignment 3

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You are the Director

Using 250-300 of your own words, without quotes, and then add at least three in the Works Cited, to tell the reader where you learned the information. Describe how you would direct either Sophocles’ OEDIPUS REX or William Shakespeare’s HAMLET. Name which play you have chosen and who wrote the play.
You must direct this production in a theatre, but you can pick if this theater will be proscenium, thrust, or arena. Why this type of theatrical space?
Name a simple theme for this production, such as “evil must be conquered” or “vengeance is worth it.”
Why this theme; what in the script leads you to believe this is the essence of this play?
Name one symbol for your production that will be the central symbol for your production. Why this symbol?
How does it embody your production?
Describe in what period you will place your play? Why?
What does this era help signify in your production?
What kind of setting will you need?
Describe different elements of it. Describe your lead character’s costumes. What colors, designs, and textures do you see? How will the set and costumes be lit? Is the stage dark and cold? Warm? Describe what you want to see from your lighting designer.
Finally, name your dream cast, and give a few statements of explanation why you have chosen this dream cast. You will be given a million dollars to mount this production, and since you are a famous director, every actor wants to be a part of this production.