Is organic produce healthier than non-organic prouduce ? formulate a hypothesis and testable prediction that address this question as an if …. Then statement

2-does the statement “Evolution is just a theory “ havw any merit? Explain.

3-descibe the characteristics of a question can be addressed through the scientific method and give some example.

4-design an experiment using all the steps of the scientific method.

5-list simple sugars. Two digestible complex carbohydrates, and two structural carbohydrates not digestible by humans.

6- explain the properties of H2O and how these properties make H2O important for living systems.

7- describe the three tybes of particles that comprise all atoms in terms of charge, mass and location within the atom.

8- compare and contrast DNA and RNA in tems of structure. Composition, and function for the toolbar, press ALT+F10(PC) or ALT+FN+F10 ( MAC)

9- A drop of red food coloring is added to a glass of water. After a few moments ,the entire glass of water is evenly dyed red. What did diffusion play in this experimrnt?


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Visit the websites of the two behavioral research organizations you learned about in week 1’s lecture:


BI Team:

Browse through the reports and case studies published on their websites. Select one report or case study from each organization that interest you the most and read each one carefully.

In 400-600 words:

  • Summarize each research project.
  • Point out the similarities and differences across the two reports (e.g., objective, research plan, methodology). Please note that the two reports may not share the exact same structure. It is up to you to detect the important/essential sections of each report.
  • Based on the research reports’ findings, come up with a “future research” idea and briefly describe its objective and plan. It could be a new intervention tackling the same problem, or a research question addressing a new problem in the same domain.

The submissions will be evaluated based on the overall quality of the submission, structure, and content.