Assessing How Climate Change Will Impact Canadians Agricultural Sector Discussion

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1. Do Canadians really care about Climate Change? Not what you or even your cohort of friends and family feel, but Canadians in general? Are they willing to make real changes in their behaviors to help mitigate this issue?

2. How has Canada’s Geography (either physical or social) helped/hinder the battle with COVID-19?

3. How has Canada’s Physical Geography contributed to the shaping of the cultural identity?

4. How will Climate Change impact Canadians? Base your answer on a single impact such as agriculture or tourism (the impact may be positive or negative).

5. Given the effects of globalization on the economy of Canada and its regions, develop an argument for or against proposals to expand the capacity of the St Lawrence Seaway to accommodate larger ocean-going vessels (many of which cannot presently use the Seaway). What impacts would expanding or not expanding the system’s capacity have on the economies of Ontario and Québec?

6. Southern Ontario accounts for much of Canada’s agricultural output by value. At the same time, nearly 40 per cent of the country’s population is concentrated in a tiny area defined by the Great Lakes–St Lawrence Lowlands. What problems are encountered as a result of this coincidence of features? Should agricultural land be protected, and if so what measures would you recommend, especially given the demand from urban land uses and activities?