Article Review

Read this article:…

BRIEFLY summarize the assigned article in two or three short SENTENCES. You have to read it carefully and summarize the most important element in it. Then give your TWO-PAGE opinion that directly and clearly relates to the article’s main point that you summarized.

Take care to write your essay well. It will be marked down if instructor can’t read it easily on the first pass and if you don’t make your point clear and strong.

I recommend raising TWO points in the beginning of your essay (right after the VERY BRIEF summary) that you want to talk about. Then talk about those TWO points. Stay focused on those two points only.

Papers will be marked down if:

a) provide a too-long summary
b) drift without direction
c) are difficult to understand because of poor grammar or fuzzy thought
d) repeat themselves

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Article Review

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Critically review:

Use the following guidelines:

  • Objectives: What does the article set out to do?
  • Theory: Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions?
  • Concepts: What are the central concepts and are they clearly defined?
  • Argument: Are there specific hypotheses?
  • Method: What methods were employed to support the hypotheses?
  • Evidence: What evidence was used to support the findings?
  • Values: Are value positions clear or are they implicit?
  • Literature: How can or does the work impact industry?
  • Contribution: How well does the research advance human factors and/or ergonomic knowledge?

Article reviews should be 3-5 pages of text and should adhere to APA format.