Art Museum

You are to analyze artwork in a museum or possibly a gallery. You need to physically visit an art exhibition and write 3 to 5 pages on the artwork displayed The paper should focus on 2-3 individual art pieces that caught your attention, but you can also write about the exhibition and museum as well. The Brass Tacks: This is the paper itself and it needs to be organized. The best way to organize is to start with an outline; this will structure your ideas before you start writing. All papers must start with an introductory paragraph and end with a conclusion. Introductory Paragraph Start by explaining who the artist/ artists are, where the exhibition was, and why it was put together. No need to discuss too much in the introduction; you just want to introduce the reader to what the paper is going to be about. Body of the Paper There are three things you need to have in this paper. 1. Give a brief history of either the artist/artist, or exhibition space. This all depends on what the show is and what you want to focus on. 2. Describe one or more pieces included in the exhibition. Give us both an aesthetic and conceptual analysis of the work in your own words, no need to do too much research on what others think of the artwork. Think about the visual elements and principles of design. This should be the bulk of your paper. 3. Give your own opinion of the show. Go beyond, “It was cool” or, “I liked it.” Write about why you liked or disliked it and come up with some sentences to support your opinion. This part of the paper should be minimal. Conclusion This is where you wrap up the paper by repeating main ideas and coming up with a witty ending. Works Cited Page: All papers must include a works cited page and in source citation. If you quote anyone you need to put the statement in quotes and acknowledge them in a Works Cited page