Apply the Symbolic Interaction Perspective to Immigration

This is a paper that requires the student to apply the Symbolic Interaction Perspective to Immigration. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper well.

Apply the Symbolic Interaction Perspective to Immigration

The purpose of this assignment is to apply one of the major sociological approaches to a topic that involves cultural awareness.
Please choose one of the below subjects for your paper and answer all of the questions for the topic that you choose.

Format : Your paper must be written using APA style formatting.  This means that you must have a “thesis statement” or a beginning paragraph that states the purpose of your paper. It also means that you must use “in text” citations (evidence to support your statements).

The paper must have at least THREE references, one can be your text book.  You need a  cover page and a reference list.  The body of the paper must be double spaced and also contain a minimum of three pages.  This means that with your cover page and reference list, your paper will be a minimum of (5) pages.

Proof read your work; check for sentence structure and also spelling errors and fix them.  Make sure your paper has a beginning (thesis statement), middle (body of your paper connects to the thesis statement), and an end (your closing argument).

A grading rubric will be completed on all papers; it is on the last page of this document.

Please see the below topics and choose ONE as the subject of your paper:

Apply the Symbolic Interaction Perspective to Immigration

Topic 1 – Immigration:

Firstly, apply the Symbolic Interaction Perspective to Immigration

Define the symbolic interaction perspective
How do symbols through words contribute to the perception of immigrants in a negative way?
What do some Americans fear when it comes to immigration or immigrants?
Topic 2 – Thomas Theorem

Secondly, apply the Thomas Theorem to the case of Trevon Martin; and African American teen killed in 2012 at the hands of George Zimmerman in a Florida town.

Explain the Thomas Theorem
How might the Thomas Theorem apply to the actions of George Zimmerman when it comes to the killing of Trayvon Martin
Topic 3 – Poverty:

Apply the Conflict Perspective to the working poor.

Explain the conflict perspective. Who are today’s “bourgeoisie’s and “proletariats”?
What would a modern day Karl Marx, for instance democratic socialist Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say about why people who work hard everyday remain poor.
Do you agree, yes or no and why?