apashia, apraxia, dysarthria evaluation

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There are four videos associated with this file. Please watch the videos and tell me what you get from each of them. The type of aphasia, the symptoms present and any other observations/reflections you may have after watching them.

This assignment should be about 1-2 paragraphs per video. I would also like to see the terminology used to describe the symptoms that are being presented in the video… (Example: Don’t just say ‘the person is talking really fast!’, refer to it as “exhibiting hyperfluency” which is a symptom of Wernicke’s aphasia).

Refer to each video by the order that it is in (Example: C7V1, C7V2). Thank you.

The first two videos are of aphasia clients.

In the third video, you’ll see a child that has apraxia. I want you to look at his speech patterns, errors, movements and answers and analyze the video for things and symptoms that you discover.

In the fourth video, you’ll see a man who has dysarthria. I want you to tell me which type of dysarthria that he has and all of the symptoms you can gather from his speech that would alert you to that. Also talk about any other things you notice from the video.

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