AOj 202, APA Formatting minimum of 350-500 words

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You must post at a minimum of 350-500 words for your initial response

APA Formatting

This assignment aligns with the chapter objectives on witnesses and their testimony.

Scenario: [Review the State v. Bickart case from the link below]. The case involves a husband and wife who are charged with sexual assault against a child. The husband pleads guilty and agrees to testify against the wife. The prosecution wishes to introduce two photographs allegedly taken by the husband during or just before the sexual assault. One photograph shows the palm of a person’s hand touching the child victim, and the prosecution will contend the palm, in the photograph is the palm of the defendant. The other photograph is a nude picture of the defendant, allegedly taken just prior to the sexual assault.


I. Briefly Summarize the facts of the case.

II. Respond to the questions below regarding the criminal case:

    1. What must the prosecution do to get the palm photograph admitted? For now, do not consider the “reliability” of any expert testimony you believe necessary.
    2. Assuming the defendant does not contest that person in the nude photograph is her, can she object to its admissibility? Is it relevant evidence? (see State v. Bickart, 963 A.2d 183 (Me. 2009). Be forewarned: In the opening sentence of the opinion the Maine Supreme Court advises that the circumstances of this crime are “particularly heinous and disturbing.”


    You must post at a minimum of 350-500 words for your initial response. Begin your response with a high-level overview of the case. Respond to the questions above as if the reader has no knowledge of the facts of the case.
    As a reminder, you are not sending out a text message or tweet, so when writing your post, use proper English, grammar and writing mechanics.