Answering two discussion questions

I need an explanation for this Art & Design question to help me study.

Hello, I need help answering these two discussion questions in a separate files. ( each discussion has not to be more than 5-6 sentences) which is not too much to work with.
What’s the difference between getting the job done and getting the job done well?

Some questions to consider that might affect your answer include the following: Are there claims you can make that apply to most if not all jobs about this distinction? What are markers or indications of a job’s simply being completed versus being done well? Is it only the final product or outcome that constitutes the job being done well? Is it something about the process? Aside from others’ subjectivity about what’s considered done and what’s considered done well, what are your own considerations?


The saunier and the pescatore

Please watch the following two videos. One features saunier Brice Collonier, a salt harvester, on Ile de Ré, a small isle off the west coast of France. The other features pescatore Arturo Pugno, a fisherman, who fishes on the Sesia, a river in northern Italy. As you watch two outdoorsmen engaged in their life’s work, in light of what you’ve observed in artists, considered about non-artistic fields, and read about the dignity of labor, do you see indications of artistry elevating the dignity of these simple fields of salt harvesting and fishing? If so, in what ways? If not, what is lacking?

As you reflect on the questions above, some things to consider might include the following: does the fisherman or salt harvester make an art of his labor? If so, how, and what effect does it have on the dignity and/or quality of his work? If not, is something lacking and/or is artistry compensated for in another way? What, if anything, raises the dignity of the fisherman and salt harvester’s work?