Answering theory questions and application

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Please answer Gandhi questions in one paragraph(250 words) , and answer the application in another paragraph( 250 words). Please use only the assigned reading. You dont have to cite.

More Gandhi Questions

First, explain one (1) of Gandhi’s statements about purification.

Second, explain what he means when he writes “There is no merit in being nonviolent to the good and the gentle.”

Third, explain one (1) of the things that you wish Gandhi had not said — what is one thing that he was either wrong or seemed misinformed about?

Another Gandhi Application

First, identify a contemporary social or political event that you will apply More Gandhi Questions to. Please choose a different event that the ones you have used in Lessons 2-4.

Second, analyze that event using either a) your earlier explanation of purification, or b) your earlier explanation of “being nonviolent to the good and the gentle.”

Third, refute that analysis using the thing that you wished Gandhi had not said — how does Gandhi’s mistake or misinformation invalidate what you have said in the second part of this question?


Please skim pp. 49-191 in Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings edited by John Dear