Answering theory questions and application

I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Please answer Gandhi questions in one paragraph(250 words) , and answer the application in another paragraph( 250 words). Please use only the assigned reading. You dont have to cite.

Gandhi Questions

First, explain one (1) of the lessons that Gandhi learned from his work with the Indigo Plantations.

Second, explain two (2) of the reasons according to Gandhi of why satyagraha is a difficult path.

Third, explain one (1) of the characteristics that Gandhi gives of an “army of nonviolence.”

Fourth, hypothesize whether you yourself could either a) overcome one of the difficulties of the satygraha path that you have previously explained, or b) embody the characteristic in an “army of nonviolence” that you have previously explained.

Bottom of Form

Gandhi Application

Top of Form

First, identify a contemporary social or political event that you will apply Gandhi’s theory to. Please choose a different event than the ones you have discussed in Lessons 2 and 3.

Second, explain the responsibility of one group or individual involved in that event from the point of view of the theory of satyagraha.

Third, explain how a different group of individuals involved in that event should act if they are to be part of an “army of nonviolence.”

Fourth, argue either for or against Gandhi’s recommendations for both of these groups. Should they behave in the way that Gandhi recommends, and why or why not?


Please skim pp. 49-191 in Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings edited by John Dear