Answer the following questions about different marketing segmentations

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

From Chapter 1

  • What is Market Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning?:
    • Then, locate two websites that you visit regularly and discuss how you they can track your behavior and enable marketers to “target” you more effectively

From Chapter 2

  • Please read chapter 2 and select a minimum of two(2) key terms / concepts
  • Define / Explain your understanding of each term / concept you selected
  • Then explain why the Two (2) terms / concepts you selected are important to now about (either as a consumer or business owner), and how each can lead either to the success or failure of a company’s marketing endeavor.

(Please be sure to cite and reference all supporting sources – yes, cite your source in APA format)

When explaining / discussing these topics, please note the following:

  • Write the definition /explanation in full sentences that demonstrate understanding of learning objectives
  • DO NOT use excessive quotes or copy sentences directly from the textbook or other sources. Try paraphrasing…. Use your own words