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1. A challenge for public administration in the 21st century is to recognize the relevance of certain historical themes to current issues. This requires an Eclectic Perspective, that is, an understanding of the past themes and related concepts and the ability to tailor and apply them to current situations. The Eclectic Perspective allows one to “mix and match” various administrative concepts to meet given contemporary situations. Using the five themes identified in your text on page 14, take each theme and apply it to a contemporary situation. ( 500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism. )

2. Explain why administration is called both a science and an art. Can you relate the metaphor of playing a musical instrument (found in chapter 1) and other metaphors (such as learning to play golf) to that of learning to be an administrator? ( 500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism. )

3. Select a current criminal justice agency (through publications, the Internet, or an on-site visit). Compare the principles of the bureaucratic organization structure discussed in chapter 2 with contemporary practices. Do you think all, most, or none of these principles are being followed today? Additionally, you may take the same approach with some of the Employee Relations concepts discussed in chapter 2. ( 500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism. )