Answer questions about videos

Can you help me understand this Communications question?

Based on your experience and the content of the videos in this module compose a substantive response that addresses the following question:

Is social media beneficial or detrimental to interpersonal relationships? Do you agree with the experts opinions in the associated videos? Why or why not?

Copy and paste the two elements of this question into your response. Elaborate a brief reply for each element, offering examples you have experienced personally, or have witnessed others experience. This is both an applied learning activity and an exercise is self-disclosure.

1. Benefits

2: Detriments (consequences or costs)

3. Post a short essay (Min 250 words) outlining key points you found useful in the videos. Cite your sources or videos in your post. You may include your own experience and point of view, whether it supports the experts opinions or conflicts with their point of view.

only use these 3 videos to answer the questions above! Thank You:)…