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Chapter 1

  • Know the scientific school management and how it can applied to healthcare operations management
  • How the characteristics of a healthcare organization influence decision making
  • Current trends in healthcare operations managements and their importance in hospitals
  • Four key functions of management and how they influence and they can be implemented to enhance management control

Chapter 2

  • Characteristics that define a hospital
  • The difference between health policies and regulations
  • How the mission of a hospital differs from other organizations

Chapter 3

  • Ways that hospitals can improve financial performance outside of its operations
  • Ratio analysis and its usefulness in operations management
  • Common organization of a balance sheet
  • The relationship between operations and working capital management

Chapter 4

  • Defining business process and what happens
  • Four major components of the process improvement methodology
  • Two common approaches to benchmarking
  • Difference between Six Sigma and Lean