Anatomy and Physiology I

I’m stuck on a Anatomy question and need an explanation.

1.Explain broadly what blood does?

2.Mention all the principal characteristic of the Blood.

3.The blood is composed of two parts: Plasma and The blood cells; explain and describe them.

4.Mention and describe the origin of the blood cells: Where the blood cells are made? In addition, explain largely the hematopoietic process and the function of the red bone marrow.

Mention, describe and state the function, major anatomical landmarks, structures, types, shape, and their production regulation and removal characteristics of the:

5.Red Blood Cells

6.White Blood Cells


8.Explain broadly the function, localization and size of the heart.

9.The heart is made up of three layers of tissue:endocardium, myocardium and epicardium; give explanation and illustrate the major histological characteristics, function and localization.

10.Illustrate and express the heart’s four chambers, their localization, structure, function, and the great vessels.

11.The heart has four valves; mention their name, structure, anatomical localization and function.