Analyze the sociological manner of a chosen song assignment

This is a paper that is requiring the student to analyze the sociological manner of a chosen song. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing this assignment paper well and precisely.

Analyze the sociological manner of a chosen song

In the Introduction (1 paragraph), tell me the following: a) Why you picked this song; b) What the song means to you personally; c) What makes you think about this song in a sociological manner; and then tell me d) How the song you picked fits the chapter you’ve selected for the assignment. To complete this last bit of criteria you must use Conley’s text to explain. This means, you must directly quote Conley or some study from the chapter as part of your explanation. Use quotation marks and afterwards cite Conley like this: (Conley 215).
The next part of your paper is what I call the analytic paragraphs. This part of your assignment should consist of 3-4 analytic paragraphs. Each analytic paragraph should do three things:

First, identify a concept, term, or theory from the chapter BEST fits the song you picked. Directly quote Conley. Tell me about the quote. What does it mean? How is it relevant to the connection you are about to make?

Second, connect the concept, term, or theory to a portion of the song (the lyrics). Quote the lyrics to show me the connection. When quoting the lyrics for your song, always italicize them so they stand out.

Third, show me that you understand what the concept, term, or theory means by explaining the connection. This part of each of the analytic paragraphs can be critical about society or it can be in the form of agreement or disagreement with the meaning of the connection. This is where YOUR IDEAS matter. What you think matters in this paper. This means tell me what YOU think the connection you have made means or why it is important to note. Why does Conley (or other researchers) study whatever it is you’re discussing?  Why would song writers write a song about the same thing?  What does it all mean about society?  To put it differently, you are telling me the BIG SO WHAT?