Analyze the rhetorical appeals of a PSA situation scenario

This is a paper that is requiring the student to Analyze the rhetorical appeals of a PSA situation scenario. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of this assignment paper. Below is the description of the assessment:

Analyze the rhetorical appeals of a PSA situation scenario

Rhetorical Analysis of  Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Write a rhetorical analysis essay in which you closely analyze the rhetorical situation of a PSA. You will use the three, rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos)  to explain your analysis.
The rhetorical situation consists of the:

Author- who is the author of the PSA?, how do you know that? Did you do research? Was it obvious or not?

Audience- who is the intended audience? Why do you think this?

Message- what is the message of the PSA?

Purpose- what is the purpose of the PSA? Is it a call to action? What is that action?

You will use the rhetorical appeals to support the claim you made about the PSA.

For example if a PSA is showing pictures of animals without homes and playing sad music at the same time. You can discuss how the music is using ethos to appeal to the emotions of the audience.

You may find that one rhetorical device is used more than others that is fine that section will be bulkier but you should mention all three

To find a PSA, I suggest entering “Public Service Announcement” in the search bar in YouTube or Google.
Your thesis should clearly explain which appeal is the most clearly presented by the non-profit or profit company which produced the commercial.
In other words, you are analyzing the company’s use of the three appeals and making a judgment concerning which appeal is the most successful and why. You are also analyzing the other two appeals as well – even though their presentation is weaker.
You should discuss whether or not you think the PSA is successful and also craft a short paragraph noting how you would improve it.
Lastly, your evidence is illustrate through your specific analysis of the three appeals in the commercial. You will quote, summarize, and paraphrase (with attribution through in-text citations and also a Works Cited page) the PSA as needed throughout the essay.