Analyze the procedure for a health care organization

This is a paper that requires the student to analyze the procedure for a health care organization. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Analyze the procedure for a health care organization

Write a 3-4 page risk management policy and procedure for a health care organization. Analyze a specific issue that occurred in a health care organization and apply risk management best practices to it for the purpose of early risk identification and risk reduction or elimination in the future.

Health care organizations have always searched for ways to identify and reduce risks. An organization’s ability to identify and analyze its risk exposure is a determining factor in the effectiveness of its risk management program (Hoarle, 2015). Early identification and analysis are essential.

Current health care risk management practices developed in the mid-1970s as a result of a surge in malpractice suits. These suits caused rapid increases in claims costs for the industry and later in insurance premiums. Today, health care delivery systems and organizations realize the value of risk management and have developed formalized programs (Hoarle, 2015). In addition, organizations have established mechanisms to review potential incidents of risk and safety concerns (Pelletier & Beaudin, 2018). While risk management programs are responsible for daily management and risk operations, all health care stakeholders are responsible to participate in activities that will reduce unnecessary risks and improve safety and quality (Hoarle, 2015).

This second course assessment consists of two parts. You are to assume the role of a new risk manager within your organization’s risk management department. According to your director, employees lack awareness of the organization’s risk management program. Likewise, departments inconsistently apply risk management principles. As a result of these deficiencies, your director has given you your first assignment.

Analyze the procedure for a health care organization

Part One: Risk Management Policy and Procedure

Your director has asked you to write a formal risk management policy and procedure for the organization.

Part Two: Application of Risk Management Principles to a Specific Incident

In addition to the policy and procedure, your director has asked you to apply your knowledge of risk management principles to a specific organizational risk that has occurred. You will select one of the three incidents from the Vila Health: Patient Safety media piece from Assessment 1. These incidents included a patient identification error, a medication error, and a HIPAA/privacy violation. Select the risk that holds the most interest for you.

Your director believes that the organization’s newly written risk management policy and procedure, coupled with your analysis from a risk management standpoint of a recent, specific incident that occurred, will help employees (and the organization) recognize how the hospital’s risk management program contributes to the overall organization’s safety and quality improvement efforts.