Analyze Sport in Capitalist Society by Tony Collins assignment

This is a paper that is requires students to analyze Sport in Capitalist Society by Tony Collins. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper well and precise.

Analyze Sport in Capitalist Society by Tony Collins

Answer one question/prompt.  Write between 500 and 1,000 words.  The course readings and lectures are sufficient to answer the questions.  Use the essay to demonstrate you have done the readings.  To cite the readings, put the author’s name and the page number in parentheses.

Tony Collins – Sport in Capitalist Society,  Allen Guttmann – From Ritual to Record, ch. 1 electronic,

Johan Huizinga – Homo Ludens, ch. 1   electronic ,

Edelman and W. Wilson – The Oxford Handbook of Sports History, chs. 1, 3 and 4 online, Richard Holt, Sport and also the British, chs. 2-4,

David Goldblatt – The Ball is Round, pp. 19-260

Firstly, do you agree with the master narrative of sports history that modern sports were invented by the British and also passed on to the rest of the world? Elaborate on this theme.

Secondly, what was the relationship of the industrial revolution to the rise of modern sport?

Thirdly, what role did empire play in the history of sports and the history of sports play in the history of empire? Were race and ethnicity part of empire?
Fourthly, how and why was the “male bastion” of sport created? Was this part of human nature or was it socially constructed?  Why were women excluded?
Also, which is the preferable form for organizing sport – entertainment-professionalism or Olympian amateurism?
Lastly, how did soccer evolve? Where did it emerge? How did it change over the course of the 19th century?  Who played?  Was it a big-time entertainment?

Do you think the Olympic Games were a force for world peace? Did it foster internationalism?  Who started and controlled the Olympic movement?  What was the model for the Games? Ancient Greece or someplace else?
What are the differences between play and sports?
What factors made modern sport modern as opposed to folk games?
Which group made better political use of sport – socialists or nationalists?