Analyze cybercrime project options and instructions.

This is a paper that is requiring the student to analyze cybercrime project options and instructions. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Analyze cybercrime project options and instructions.

CyberCrime Project Options & Instructions (140 points)
Choose ONE of the following:

You will write a four to six (4-6) double-spaced page CyberCrime project paper (excluding tables, figures, the references and the cover page which mentions the paper’s title, student’s name, course name, and also term).  The paper must deal with a computer/cybercrime issue.
You are to select a computer/cybercrime topic/issue from a story or an incident reported in the media (*not from social media sites*e.g., newspapers, TV news, or magazines) and to write the following parts:

1.     Firstly, the nature of the problem (i.e., what is the source of your information and date? What happened?  Which theory can be used to explain this cybercrime and how?, and What do cybercrime laws and regulations apply to the incident?) (20 points)

2.     Secondly, how is the victim portrayed?  How do you assess the social and economic harm caused by this cybercrime?  Were any preventative measures or mechanism used by the victim for protection? (20 points)

3.     Thirdly, how is the perpetrator portrayed?  According to the story, what might be the perpetrator’s intention?  Based on what you have learned, what steps should the police follow to investigate the case and also bring it to trial?  Why? (20 points)

4.     Fourthly, the impact the problem has on the criminal justice system (any negative outcomes resulting from the incident and how?) (30 points)

5.     Also, possible solutions to the problem (any strategies, policing techniques, or mechanisms that can be an implementation to solve or lesson the problems) (20 points)

6.     Lastly, conform to the APA writing style (especially the formats of the citations in the text and the references at the end of the paper), which is available at  (20 points)

7.     Be 4-6 pages long, free of grammatical errors in a Microsoft Word document using the Times New Roman font size 12. Double-space with one-inch margins on all Writing Tips to Earn a Good Score for the CyberCrime Project: