Please watch powerpoint presentation on Progressive Era:

Extra sources:

Using the Primary Sources,  or Recorded Lecture  which element of Progressivism,  or Progressive Reform (law or movement),  do you find important and why? Does it relate to today’s society or politics?


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Review and create a two-page analysis of the attached 3 Kinds of Mediocrity article. You must support your analysis by including at least 2 cited references (other than the source article). Your submission is due on or before Sept 27 @ 11:59p.

Include the following in your analysis:

  1. What is mediocrity?
  2. Describe the key points – what are the essential message(s) of the article?
  3. Provide at least one real world example of each type of mediocrity
  4. Explain what you learned – how might this help as you develop your own career strategy?