Analysis of disability myth “Overcoming and Compensation”

In the Disability Myth Project, you will explore a “disability myth” as identified by Jay Dolmage. Before composing your paper, you will complete a proposal with a Works Cited page that outlines your basic ideas, such as the particular myth you will focus upon and one example (primary text) that you intend to apply. You will also list and explain your thoughts on the critical (secondary) sources that you will use (annotation). According to Dolmage, there are several ways to view disability myths. They are: Disability as Pathology Kill-or-Cure Overcoming or Compensation Disability as Object of Pity and/or Charity Physical Deformity as Sign of Internal Flaw Disability as Isolating and Individuated Disability as Sign of Social Ill Disability as a Sign from Above Disability as Symptoms of Human Abuse of Nature Disability Drift and the Disability Hierarchy Disability Drop For this paper, you will choose ONE primary text that you will use to inspect ONE of the myths. Your primary source can be a poster, a YouTube video, a scene from a movie or a book, etc. For instance, if you picked #6 “Disability as Isolating and Individuated,” you could use various short segments from the Disney film Frozen to analyze how Elsa is not only isolated by her parents from her sister and her community, but also how she runs away to the mountains to live a very lonely existence in a castle of her own creation. Or you could interpret the meaning of Quasimodo’s social and physical isolation in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or you could consider the history behind the institutionalization of those with intellectual or mental disabilities in the mid-1900s (e.g. Rosemary Kennedy), in which they were intentionally separated from society. You will then use TWO secondary sources (academic peer-reviewed resources from the library) to argue how your primary source has helped either to perpetuate or to challenge your chosen disability myth in some way. Each secondary source is worth 25 points: i.e., 25 points will automatically be deducted from your paper for each peer-reviewed article/book that you do not include. Let  be a FUN learning project, so make sure you understand the myth you have chosen to write about, and to pick a primary source that interests you. Choose the myth of “Overcoming and Compensation”, and use a film “My Left Foot” to be my primary source. My DMP proposal include : This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Statement of Disability Myth and Primary Source You indicate the myth you want to focus on and the primary text you want to use as an example, This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Development of Ideas- Plan of Action, Working Thesis,Two Scholarly Sources, and MLA Format. Should include peer-review. In the essay, must contained 1. Adjusting to his living situation and social environment 2. Developing his artistry in his own way 3. how people make different for him 4. what does the more convey about disability? what is the overall message? 5.does the movie challenge or support the overcoming disability myth? How?