Analogy and Distinction (Legal writing)

I need support with this Law question so I can learn better.

Visit the cases attached. Pick 4 separate facts/arguments from one or more of the cases and draft the following:

4 analogies using each of the facts

4 distinctions using each of the facts

The facts you chose must be stated in the cases. However, your analogies and distinctions can be based on the facts of the case or other cases or based on facts that you would like to argue that are not present in the case.

Do not just copy analogies and distinctions from the cases, you must make up your own and write them in your own words. Each analogy and distinction should be 2-4 sentences long.

Make sure you provide the case name where each fact you are using came from.

There is a sample attached to show how to work on this assignment and 5 cases that I only want you to use, so please do not use other cases.

Please when you write your own Analogy and Distinction define (make) them in deferent color. because this will help me to find it.